Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Garam masala|All spice mix

Garam masala /all spice mix is the most commonly used spice mix in every Indian home.If you want to add that gourmet touch to a simple dish just sprinkle some garam masala and wait for the magic to engulf you.I always wonder why people pick up the store bought masala packets when you can easily do it at the comfort of your home .It isn't time consuming and plus you are free to add or avoid the spices of your choice.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mixed vegetable Sambar

Following the last post of sambar powder, today's post is a mixed vegetable sambar.I grew up in a joint family and catering to every family members choice was a laborious task.Making sambar tailored to ones liking and that too for a family of 15 members is not a easy task. So the solution for this problem was a Mixed vegetable sambar .Add any vegetable of your choice or a hand full of every thing available either ways this sambar is lip smacking and you would want to lick that plate too.In India the vegetable vendor packs all the vegetables in small quantity if you order for sambar vegetable's .The soul of an aromatic sambar is the sambar powder, curry leaves and drumsticks . You can't even imagine sambar with out sambar powder and curry leaves.While sambar is relished with idli,dosa,vada it can also be had with simple steamed white rice too.If you are making it vegan then proceed as it is or I would suggest using ghee /clarified butter for  tempering and I can vouch for the difference in taste that ghee adds to the sambar.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Strawberry cobbler

This month for the Muslim bloggers challenge we were assigned "cooking from the scrap book".I had missed the last months challenge due to illness.For the newbies who want to know about what MFB is please have a look at the previous challenges here and here.During the pre-Internet days when I landed in this oryxland(Qatar) television was the only source of knowledge available regarding cooking.Unlike now, where we have 24 hours food and travel channels there were only 2 Hindi cooking shows aired on Sundays and I would get glued to the television for that half an hour.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sambar powder

After posting 164 recipes I realised that the blog doesn't have a basic sambar powder and sambar recipe.So with out much procrastination I present to you a very easy and  versatile sambar powder recipe.My Indian Friends don't need much explanation regarding this.For my non-Indian friends,sambar is a south Indian style lentil stew with veggies usually served with idly ,dosa or even with rice too.This lentil stew is seasoned with a mix of spices roasted and ground to a fine powder known as sambar powder.Sambar powder is a basic pantry staple of a typical south indian household .

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Onion masala dosa| Ulli karam dosa |Yerra karam dosa

The region of rayalseema in Andhra pradesh is known for its spicy food.As you move towards the cities of guntur, nellore the food becomes spicier beyond imagination.Seriously it isn't for faint hearted.One such speciality is yerra karam dosa or in lay-mans terms onion masala dosa .It is also referred to as ulli karam dosa .A simple raw onion and spices paste when smeared with ghee on dosa elevates the taste of a humble dosa  to several notches higher.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Chutney podi |Andhra style putnala podi|Roasted gram spiced powder

Andhra is famous for its chutney's and podi's.What is a podi?Podi is a ground mixture(powder) of lentils and spices.It is usually referred to as gunpowder.It can be a mixture of 2 to 3 lentils/Dal's or simply coconut or peanut.Hence the podi's are named appropriately after that.If you have ever visited a typical south Indian restaurant for lunch then you may have seen an array of pickles and podis adorning the table along with ghee.India is a country of diverse culture and food.food changes for every few kilo meters as you travel.If you travel southern India every house has a unique podi recipe. 

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